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We are a wilderness adventures ministry serving leaders, youth pastors, youth workers and students to further the kingdom of God through the use of the outdoors


Expeditions works through group leaders and youth pastors to create an outreach tool where Christian students can bring their friends. We are able to help disciple, teach, interject, and build into the students within these groups. We want youth pastors and leaders to use Expeditions and God's Word to make a lasting impact on students' lives, creating an atmosphere for true worship of our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father without the interruption of the media. We also want to provide encouragement to those in youth ministry as they work daily with students and encourage them in their pursuit of God.  One of the ways we do this is through our annual Youth Pastor Retreat.  We enjoy giving back to youth pastors who passionately strive to reach students for Christ.


Some of the most impactful and lasting lessons are taught outside the classroom.  Expeditions Unlimited desires to combine adventure and education to provide an unforgettable experience for your students.  We will work alongside you to figure out  activities that are best suited for your group to meet your specific goals and objectives.

Wilderness trips

In today's busy, chaotic, technology-filled world, retreats are needed more than ever. Use our various programs to build community, develop leadership skills, and grow together spiritually.  Expeditions provides a unique blend of wilderness activities and indoor facilities that appeal to all ages.  Whether your desire is to spend the day canoeing down the Wisconsin River or quietly sipping coffee in front of a fire place we provide the perfect atmosphere for ministry to happen and lives to be changed.  We cater to Men's Groups, Women's Groups, College Ministries, Family Camps.


There is an ever-growing need for leaders who are full of character and integrity. Activities such as our low ropes and high ropes courses are specifically designed to promote these qualities and push the leaders in your group to the next level.  They will be presented with unique challenges and encouraged to think outside the box.  Students will learn what it means to be a strong leader while still caring for the people who are following them.

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