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Bible: We want to ground students and prepare them for what lies ahead so they are prepared to defend their faith, teach others God's Word, and ultimately to grow their relationship with the Lord and know Him in a deeper way. 

There are classes as well as discussion time in which we will tackle tough questions and learn the truth of the Bible and how it applies to our lives.


Bible and Theology Classes:

  • Communications 1 and 2

  • Exegesis 1 and 2

  • Systematic Theology

  • Worldview and Cultural Issues

  • Stories of the Bible

  • God's Covenants 

  • Missions Preparation 

  • Book Studies

  • Sonship Study

Life Skills:  We want to prepare students for independent living with all of it's responsibilities as well as help them prepare for their next step in life.  We have a variety of life skills classes and labs that offer hands-on learning, as well as time for career exploration! Career exploration takes place through future planning meetings with the Compass staff and job shadows. We have over 30 different job shadow opportunities for students to choose from!

Life Skills Classes:

   (This is not a complete list)

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Cooking

  • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace

  • Power Tool Use

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • Understanding Taxes

  • Health and Nutrition 

  • Scholarships and Applications

  • Support raising

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