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One of the gifts of Expeditions Unlimited is Community, so it comes naturally with the program but we also work to cultivate community amongst the Compass team. There are four main aspects of this within Compass:

Developing relationships with 
Compass students!

Compass is a time of learning a Christ-like attitude towards the people who think, work, and live differently than you. There will be tough moments to be sure, but overall this will be a sweet, memorable time where we accomplish together, have fun together and ultimately draw closer to Jesus together.

The Compass Staff is here for you! We are so stoked to have these nine months to disciple and hang out with students. Our desire is to pour into them and care for them, building them up in the Lord and preparing them for what is next after Compass.

The rest of our 
Staff at Expeditions is passionate about the Compass program and desire to be a part of the students' lives. Whether that's mentoring, teaching skills or simply hanging out and fellowshipping, you can be assured that there is a solid community to grow from at Expeditions.

The final aspect is all the 
new relationships you build throughout the year! Job shadows, missions trips, ministry opportunities --all offer great moments to hear and learn from others' experiences. These relationships are a true gift that will develop your character and future.

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